Bundesliga Prediction Game

Bundesliga Prediction Game

A Bundesliga prediction game brings even more fun to your saturdays ! We have some tips and tricks for your Bundesliga prediction game:

Advice 1: Start at any time

Our Bundesliga prediction games do not require to be started before the season start. You can also start for the second half or at any matchday. When opening a prediction community, all future matchdays are automatically added. Please read also our Guidance to create a prediction community

Advice 2: Top games from the Cup or the Champions League

Make your Bundesliga prediction game even more exciting with additional matches from national or international competitions. The DFB-Pokal final or UCL matches with German teams, on top of predicting the Bundesliga adds more value to the community and players can moreover acquire extra points.

Our Prediction Calendar enables your mix several leagues, like our default Bundesliga leagues with self created ones. Nearly everything is possible.

Advice 3: Predict first and second half separately

A Bundesliga season can be pretty long. Even the pros notice this while injuries and outs increase. Same for the prediction community. Simply predict the 1st and 2nd half of the Bundesliga separately.

This makes it possible to crown two prediction kings/queens in a season and all distant players are happy to see all points be reset when winter comes.

For this, please read our guidance about predicting the first and second half of the season separately.

Advice 4: The proof of the pudding is the eating

Simply try stuff and get to know our prediction game system. Create a free prediction game and invite your friends.

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