Formula 1 predictions

Formula 1 predictions

A prediction game for the Formula 1 is also possible on Kicktipp. Below you will find tips and tricks for all horsepower freaks to create your F1 prediction community.

Create prediction community and choose Formula 1 as game

Create a new prediction community and choose as "Competition" the "Formula 1". This sets up the prediction game with all default settings, ready to start predicting.

Please read our Guidance to create a prediction community

What will be predicted?

You will predict the first 8 drivers for the race as well as the first 4 drivers after all qualifyings.

If you wish to only predict races, you can delete all qualifying sessions from the "Prediction Calendar" in the admin area.

Until when do I have to make my prediction?

You can predict until the official race or qualifying starting time.

Changes can be made in the admin area at "Prediction rules". If you wish to have both the race and the qualifying be predicted until noon on Friday, you can create a prediction rule of type "fixed" for each Racing weekend with the corresponding date and assign it to the race. (All races and qualifyings are considered questions in our system.)

How many points to win?

The qualifying can give you 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 points if you predicted a driver's position correctly for positions 1 to 4. You earn one point for a driver which succeeds to reach a place among the Top 4 but who you predicted on another position.

The race can give you 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 points for each driver prediction at the exact same position. As for the qualifying session, you only win one point for a driver prediction for which the driver finished among the Top 8 but on another position than the forecasted one.

Changes to the points assignment can be made in the admin area under "points rules". The points for a correct prediction in the wrong position can also be linked to the values for the completely correct predictions. For example, I could give more points if someone predicted the actual winner at # 2 than if he predicted him at # 8.

Bonus questions?

At the beginning of the season, questions about the World Champions in the driver and constructor standings can also be predicted.

Additional questions can also be created in your own league manager.

For this please read our article about creating personalized questions.

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