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Data protection

This is a small betting group with no commercial purpose. When you register, personal data is only sent to the site operator '', to which its own data protection declaration applies. Only the username and email address of the participants are visible to the game leader. If necessary (win, violation), the game leader contacts the members via the integrated message function on the site. In exceptional cases, further arrangements will be made directly by email, but will be discussed in advance between those involved.

Prizes are usually of low value (<20€) and consist, for example, of covering the participation fee at the Saturday Night of the billiards department of TSG 1845 Heilbronn e.V. ( . Payouts and transfers are not planned. The competition is not organized by the club, but by the game director. Legal recourse is excluded.

The betting game is organized voluntarily and on an honorary basis to the best of our knowledge and belief. Tight playing times mean that pairings and dates are sometimes announced at very short notice (< 1 day). Of course, the transfer to the betting game cannot take place beforehand. The game master assumes no “liability” or similar if a participant is no longer able to type as a result. In individual cases, tips can be added or games can be removed from the ranking. This is decided by the game master in the spirit of “fair play”.