The Crucible


Welcome to the Crucible

This page is created for being drilled, grilled, and thrilled not only but especially for the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield. First of all, it is supposed to make snooker even more pivotal to everyone who already loves it.

News about tournaments can be found in the section Messages. Guesses can be made until the anounced starting times. For the bonus questions this equals the opening match!

So, give it a chance and log in to make your guesses in the Prediction Centre. There is nothing to lose.

Summary of rules

Instead of the players' real names the official nicknames are displayed (if they have one). A list and more rule details can be found at Game Rules.

  • 'Best of' is written in brackets behind the matchday: e.g. 'Last64 (7)'
  • round number = Points for predicting the winner
  • correct result = doubled points
  • draw = triple points
  • bonus questions: 5 points per answer
  • bonus questions: position dependent points for rankings
  • walkovers (w/o) are ignored

Example: 'Last32 (11)' is the 3rd round of the UK Championship. Forecasting the right winner equals 3 points and even 6, if the result is predicted correctly.


Sometimes there is a prize announced. The following table shows the tournament winners. Italic names can still claim their ticket for the Saturday Night in Heilbronn:

↓EVENT | SEASON→ 2021/22 2022/23
Championship League (rank.) --- Yvonne_P (309)
World Games --- Marian (41)
European Masters Marian (103) Marian (154)
British Open --- Winner (score)
Hong Kong Masters --- Winner (score)
Northern Ireland Open Marian (114) Winner (score)
English Open Marian (126) Winner (score)
Champion of Champions French (59) Winner (score)
UK Championship French (222) Winner (score)
Scottish Open French (144) Winner (score)
Masters Marian (46) Winner (score)
World Grand Prix Marian (79) Winner (score)
Shoot Out Eno (284) Winner (score)
German Masters Marian (67) Winner (score)
Championship League (invit.) French (262) Winner (score)
Turkish Masters Marian (139) Winner (score)
Players Championship Marian (50) Winner (score)
Welsh Open French (104) Winner (score)
Gibraltar Open Yvonne_P (109) Winner (score)
Tour Championship Marian (51) Winner (score)
World Championship Yvonne_P (367) Winner (score)
World Seniors Championship Yvonne_P (63) Winner (score)
Q Tour Play-Offs Marian (32) Winner (score)
Q School Event 1 French (331) Winner (score)
Q School Event 2 Yvonne_P (300) Winner (score)
Q School Event 3 Marian (307) Winner (score)
Q School Total Marian (937) Winner (score)

Thanks to all winners for their participation and good luck at the Saturday Night (italic = pending prize). Tickets are personal bound and cannot be cashed out. And now: Enjoy!