Euro prediction game on Kicktipp - Euro 2024

Euro prediction game on Kicktipp - Euro 2024

A prediction game for the European Championship is a compulsory every 4 years among friends, clubs or enterprises.

Some advice on how to create the best Euros prediction game

Advice 1: Create a prediction community and choose the EUROs as prediction game.

Start the prediction community in advance, e.g. at least 3 weeks before the first Euros matchs and invite your friends and work mates. Some advice on Creating a prediction community

If you choose a Euros prediction game on our platform, you already have a ready-to-play package to start right away.

Advice 2: All goals or after 90 minues?

An important decision! On Kicktipp, we mostly predict all goals, also those in the extra-time and the penalty shootout. A EURO match simply doesn't always last 90 minutes. But you can of course edit this. How to change to "Predict after 90 minutes" can be found in our article Predict after 90 minutes.

Advice 3: Set-up a smart points rule

Most points are being awarded during the group stages for big tournaments like the Euros. Also are the favourite teams mostly indentified which decreases the value of an outsider prediction with a statistical points rule. If you have a prediction community with experienced predictors, you may want to switch to the quota rule and maybe even increase the Max value for the Knockout stages. But be careful to not make the points rule too complicated. Many players started being predictors for this EURO.

Advice 4: Order a pro package for your company

You company has got an Intranet or a public website and you would like to predict the Euros together with your work colleagues or customers? Simply order a EUROs Pro package on Kicktipp to directly integrate your own prediction game into your website.

Advice 5: After the Euro Championship it's Premier League time

After the Euros Final you celebrate with your prediction King. The prediction game is over. But you can of course directly continue with the next e.g. Bundesliga season. Our "Restart" feature enables you to easily migrate to the next season. And all the forecasting fun starts all over again....

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