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Prediction game on your website

Prediction game on your website
  • Individual ranking

    In the individual ranking, each player competes individually and tries to score more points than all the others. Every matchday, the player can see how many places he has won or lost.

  • Team rankings

    Teams are organised and formed by the users themselves. The team rankings measure all of the teams against each other and order them based on points. Within each team there are also rankings for the players with the most points - kind of like a competition within a competition.

  • Group rankings

    The community administrator sets the groups for the group ranking. Players are put into different groups depending on certain attributes. Things like "favourite league", "location", "division" and so on. Let your different divisions face off against each other. Or men against women... or Manchester against London...

  • Live results

    We deliver live results and standings up to the minute for every league. Was the deciding goal just made for your prediction game? You'll see it within seconds on the leaderboard!

  • Statistics

    Comprehensive statistics provide information over every tipper's performance. How many of their predictions were correct? With which team do they win the most points?

  • Game day winner

    The top scorer of every game day will be highlighted. Why not add to the excitement and perhaps give away a special prize or congratulate them!

  • Individual game rules

    Every prediction administrator can pick the rules for their community: scoring system, prediction game end time, visibility of predictions, pools mode, etc.

  • Strategy ban

    Administrators can use more rigid rules to slow down home winning teams by activating strategy ban

  • Bonus question

    Asking bonus questions about current football champion teams or players is a way to add excitement to your prediction community. You can choose from the bonus questions we offer or you can create your own.

  • The odds

    The main thing you need to know about points: the less people make a correct prediction, the higher the points are for that correct tip.

  • Additional information

    When predicting, you'll see important additional information to help you make the best decision: direct comparison, betting odds, trends, etc.

  • Copy predictions

    Players who are active in more than one prediction game can set their account to automatically copy their predictions. This saves time and opens up the prediction community for even more fun.

  • Prediction Calendar

    Bring all of your favorite leagues together into one exciting prediction game. For example: predict games in the 1st national league along with games in local leagues. Predict results for all teams of your city in one prediction game. Or simply predict exactly what you want. The prediction calendar makes it possible. All leagues are free to be combined as you wish.

  • Predict after 90 minutes

    In leagues and tournaments with K.O. mode you will need to choose if scores are tallied after regulation playing time, overtime or even after penalty kicks (when applicable). As the administrator, the setting you choose is completely up to you.

  • Log book

    The administrator has control over all aspects of the tipping community. To keep things transparent and fair, all changes are recorded in the log book as a straight forward protocol.

  • Special requests

    Do you have a specific wish or need that isn't currently offered on our platform? We are happy to hear your feedback so that we can develop the new features that you need. Contact us anytime.