Start legally secure

Start legally secure

Of course you want to start your prediction game in a legally secure way. We have prepared everything for this:

1. Data protection

When you order the professional package, you can conclude an order processing agreement with us in accordance with the GDPR. This means that we process your data on your behalf. You can also conclude the contract subsequently in the menu "Legal" in your admin area


You can download the accruing data via data export in your admin area. We will only use this data for operating the prediction game. It is otherwise your data!

If you use the data from the prediction game for other purposes, it may be necessary for you to publish your own privacy policy in the prediction game and ask for consent.

In the menu "Design/Texts" you can create an appropriate text and in the menu item "Data collection" you can have the players confirm it.

2. Imprint

In the menu "Design/Texts", create your own imprint or link to the imprint of your company there.

3. Conditions of participation

If required, define your conditions of participation in the same way


4. What else do I need to consider?

  • Please only use graphics, logos and photos to which you have the right of use.

  • It is not legal to ask for a stake, not even as a donation. It is irrelevant whether the entire stake is distributed 100% as prizes. Participation in the prediction game must be free of charge.

  • For big prediction communities, we suggest you moderate the forum or even disable the messenger features.

  • When offering prizes, set a rule for when two players are tied on points and have the same number of matchday wins.

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