Create own bonus questions

Create own bonus questions

Additionally to the Kicktipp questions you can also create your own questions. Underneath some guidance to create personalized questions and import them into the prediction calendar:

  1. Creating questions can be done in the menu League manager in the admin area.
  2. You first have to create a competition and a season.
  3. The section Questions enables you to create personal questions with your personalized answering possibilities.
  4. To be able to predict the questions answers, you have to import the questions into the prediction calendar. This is possible at Prediction Calendar - Add questions. The competition choice also displays your own league manager's competition.
  5. When results are available, you can add them in the league manager at Open questions. There, answers can be marked false. Corresponding predictions will be shown in grey shades in the ranking views. When answers are marked correct, points will be computed and added automatically.

Some more tips:

Prediction Centre

If you assign the added question to the standard prediction rule with X minutes of lead time, you can simply edit the prediction date at Date of question.

If you assign questions to the Bonus matchday, the Prediction Centre will also automatically show the question on the matchday when a forecast has to be made. Moreover, all questions can be predicted in the Bonus tab.

Several questions with the same answers

If you wish to create several questions with same answers, you don't have to enter all the answers twice. You may want to consider and create the answers as teams and add them as a season's participants. If a question is added for this season, all season participants will automatically be added as possible answers.

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