Google AdManager

Google AdManager

AdManager is a Google service. We use AdManager as a so-called AdServer, meaning a service which manages and displays our advert campaigns.

  • For this service, your IP address is being shared with Google. This is technically impossible to avoid, as your web browser sends direct requests to the AdServer and the responses have to be technically sent to your IP address.

  • AdManager uses Cookies and other technologies to display interesting adverts on top of that. Your web browser or app is being given a unique identifier, e.g. to check which adverts already got displayed or clicked in your browser.

    These Cookies do not contain personified information. Using these Cookies enables Google and its partners only to display adverts based on previous visits on our website or other sites on the Internet.

  • Data being generated through Cookies are being sent to the USA for analysis by Google and saved there.

    By using our website or app, you accept the processing of data collected on you by Google and the earlier described way of data processing and its objective.

  • You can recall the data usage by Google. To do this, please follow the link below and its instructions.