Browser ID

Browser ID
  • What is a browser identification?

    With every request to our website, your browser will send some text identifying your browsers vendor, version, and the operating system on which the browser runs.

  • We store the identification of your browser to our log files on every request.

  • We use the identification of your browser solely for the following purposes:

    • Statistical analysis of browsers used
    • Reconstruction of errors

    Reason: Different browsers differ in behaviour or have different errors. To adapt our page on the browser being used, it is necessary to know which browsers are used. As far as errors occur, the browser identification is an important part for reconstruction and thus to eliminate the error.

  • Using the browser ID no conclusion on your person is usually possible. Consequently, this is not personal data. A conclusion may implant in combination with other data or when using a very rare combination of browser and/or operating system. Such an attempt is not made ​​by us.

  • The log files including browser identifiers are finally deleted after 6 weeks.