Why you can trust us on data privacy

Why you can trust us on data privacy
  • Data protection is a matter of trust

    Great privacy statements are worth nothing, if they are not live in the company.

    As no user can really check the daily compliance of data protection rules, you have to trust the provider of the website to some extend.

  • Small and independent: We are a small company.

    The founder of Kicktipp is one of the employees and is actively involved in every day programming and administration of the systems.

    You always speak with on of our technical staff.

  • We have no debt and no investors. We have so far achieved profits in every year and therefore are not under pressure to monetize our website at the expense of data protection. There are no investors, which urges us to increase the yield.

  • Kicktipp was founded in 1995. Since then we are working on providing the best and most successful platform for prediction games. We will go on reaching our goals following our principles.

If you have read this far, then you have certainly questions or suggestions on how to improve our privacy policy. We are looking forward to your suggestions by mail.