• Regarding your prediction game we store all your tips or predictions to all the configured games, questions or races.

  • We store all your predictions until they are deleted in our database. Your predictions will be additionally saved in backup files.

  • In the default settings all predictions are visible by everybody.

    The administrator can restrict the accessibility to members of its prediction game.

    In the default settings your prediction are not visible until the time for predictions runs out. The administrator can change these settings to make all predictions visible before deadline.

  • If you cancel your membership in a prediction game, your predictions will not be deleted. The deletion of your prediction will take place, when the game is deleted entirely or restarted with a new season.

    Reason: Deleting your predictions would result in a modified leaderboard and could even influence points and positions of other game members. As you decided to take part in the game we keep your predictions until the game is over. Your early termination should not affect the rest of the game.

    Please note: All your personal data like e-mail address or password are deleted of course, when you cancel your membership.