Page impressions

Page impressions
  • What is a log file?

    On visiting our website each request is logged in a file. This enables us to analyse visiting patterns and the reconstruction of errors.

  • Following fields are stored in a log file record:

    • IP address: read our article about IP address
    • Domain: This is the domain you can see in your browsers address bar.
    • Port: An internal number for accessing our web server at the given IP address. Port 80 is the default port for WWW

    • Response time
    • Connection reset: marking if the communication was reset.
    • Encrypted session ID: We are using an encrypted session ID to identify a unique visitor. This is used to analyse usage patterns and reconstruct errors without saving personally identifiable data. The session ID replaces the usual logged IP address, which is omitted in our log. Thus we achieve a higher standard in data protection.
    • Name of the internal server which answers your request.
    • Date and time
    • browser request
    • HTTP status code: The status code reflects result of the request, if it was successful or resulted in an error.
    • Number of bytes
    • HTTP referrer: The referrer contains the page you visited before this page request and is sent from your browser. With the referrer we can analyse usage patterns.
    • User agent identifier: Please read our article about user agent identifier

  • The logfiles will be finally deleted after 6 weeks.