For Euro 2024, it's time to bet and win again!

With 3x chance to win! Register now!

1st chance to win: At the start of the EM
3x a 5-litre party can of Bitburger Pils. Draw among all those who take part.

2nd chance to win: After the group stage
3 x 5-litre party cans of Bitburger Pils for the top three tipsters!

3rd chance to win: The best three tipsters will win after the European Championship:
1st place: XIAOMI Electric Scooter 4 worth €400
2nd place: Jochen Schweizer voucher worth €250
3rd place: Football shirt from the "country of choice" + official European Championship ball worth around €150

By the way: We are delighted that we are all betting together here - including our colleagues from BASI! The following applies to them: They are not taking part in the above-mentioned competition; we are giving away other prizes internally.

Have fun and good luck!

Yours and yours BASI

PS: You can find all the details about the process and dates in our conditions of participation.