The Crucible


Welcome to the Crucible

This group is for being drilled, grilled, and thrilled not only but especially for the finals of the World Snooker Championship. Mainly, it is for fun and to make snooker more than something in the back. News about each tournament can be found in the Messages section.

Guesses can be made until the anounced starting times. For the bonus questions this equals the opening match!

So, simply login and make your guesses in the 'Prediction Centre'.

Summary of rules

  • round number = points for guessing the winner
  • correct result = points are doubled
  • bonus questions: 5 points per answer
  • the champion is guessed before every round
  • walkovers (w/o) are not evaluated

Example: The WSC semi-final is the 4th round. A guess on the right winner gives 4 points, a correct result gives 8.

A list of the nicknames and more hints can be found at Game Rules.

Snooker Season 2021/22

Snooker Main Tour 2021/22

Some of the tournaments in the schedule below may be implemented here. The WSC is an obligatory event, but everything else is voluntary - depending on my personal leisure time.

Top 64 Season Start 2021/22:


Each highscore in the following tournaments earned/will earn a ticket for the Saturday Night in Heilbronn:

  • Northern Ireland Open 2021: Marian (114)
  • English Open 2021: Marian (126)
  • Champion of Champions 2021: French (59)
  • UK Championship 2021:
  • Scottish Open 2021:
  • World Grand Prix 2021:
  • Masters 2022:
  • Shoot Out 2022:
  • German Masters 2022:
  • ...
  • World Championship 2022:

Thanks to all winners for their participation and good luck at the Saturday Night! Tickets are personal bound and cannot be cashed out.

And now: Have fun!

Sincerely yours