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We use cookies to personalise content and ads and share such identifiers and other information about your use with our advertising partners. See details

We use Criteo as a service provider to increase our advert revenue.

  • By embedding a script from Criteo on our pages, we share your IP address with Criteo.

  • Criteo collects and processes only technical data based on your web usage in order to display personalized adverts.

    To do so, Criteo sets so-called Tracking-Cookies to analyze website usage and to get to know the user's interests. This data is being used to display targetted adverts who match best the user's interests.

  • When using our website/app and because of the Cookie, your website usage data (including your IP address) is being sent to a server from Criteo, based in France, and saved there. This includes for instance visited pages, viewed products, search requests as well as data from trusted partners, who determine socio-demographic information as e.g. an age interval. Also are advert banner events being collected.

  • You can recall the data usage by Google. To do this, please follow the link below and its instructions.