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Kicktipp is continuously being developed in order to offer everyone the maximum service in administrating prediction games and communities. This site contains news on all innovations and reports on any problems and errors:

18/03/17: News March 2017

Here are all the Kicktipp news for March 2017

+ Our platform is now responsive, i.e. the content will now always adapt to your screen size! For those who occasionally want the web version on your smartphone, click on "Web" at the bottom of the app/page.

+ We have added the old "live scores" feature to our apps and renamed it to "Desired outcome". Check it out!

+ Also new in our apps is the General Overview, much wanted by many of you.

If you have some feedback to share with us, please contact us at service@kicktipp.com. We listen and we would love to be the best prediction platform for you! And if you like the changes, we always enjoy your 5 stars in the App Store/Play Store! Thank you!

PS: March is a great month for all motorsports fans. Both the Formula 1 and Moto GP seasons start on 25.03 and you can of course predict them here on Kicktipp.

11/01/17: News January 2017

These are the most important News on Kicktipp for Jan 2017:

+ Many new options for personalizing the mobile design for Pro packages. Choose a model, upload 2 logos and here you are with your design on a prediction game.

+ The quota points are now displayed in our app for the prediction games using the quota role to predict.

+ The prediction centre now holds the possibility to predict with match statistics. Simply choose "Predict with match information".

+ The MotoGP is now ready to be predicted.

Again, a happy new year 2017 to all of you!

05/01/17: Send E-Mails as Administrator

From today onwards, the administrator will not be able to send direct e-mails to all his players. This service had to be replaced but there is a solution:

Technical reasons: Sending e-mails as the administrator using our mail server often lead to returned messages because of spam filters. Since our mailing reputation was affected as a whole, we decided to cancel this feature.

The administrator is still able to send a message to everyone by downloading his players' e-mail addresses and copying them into an e-mail or a mailing list.

Alternatively, he can send them directly with our integrated messaging system. This is possible in the menu under "Messages". He can either use the log feed or the message board to reach everyone.

Please contact us if you have any question.

02/01/17: Happy New Year 2017

Dear kicktippers,

We all wish you a fantastic, successful, healthy and happy year 2017

We hope you like sports predictions more than ever. If so, feel free to share Kicktipp with your friends and thanks to all those rating our apps with 5 stars in the Android, iOS and Windows stores.

In 2017, we will continue and even accelerate with the help of Jan and Pit below. On top of that, early 2017 brings us great competitions like the handball World Cup, the Africa Cup of Nations and the 6 Nations.

Thank you for your loyalty

30/11/16: News December 2016

We are very happy to announce that the administrator area and all other personalisation options are now available in our mobile app!

We know that you are using your smartphones and tablets for Kicktipp and we are working hard to provide the same and best experience on all platforms.

Here our video to this announcement!

24/11/16: Early 2017 events

In early 2017, 3 major competitions are waiting for your passion and predictions.

In France, the Handball World Cup is starting mid January and you can predict the competition here on kicktipp!

A couple of weeks later, a big African event is starting: the Africa Cup of Nations 2017 which is hosted by Gabon. As we know your interest for the AFCON, we already created a public prediction game this year, although it is not yet available on our platform.

And in early February, this year's Six Nations Rugby tournament is starting. You better catch your rugby supporter friends and create your private prediction game ;)

In the meanwhile, enjoy the other ongoing competitions and the end of 2016!

24/11/16: November News

The logout button has changed its position, moving from the upper grey bar to the upper right-hand side corner menu. The best is nevertheless to stay connected if you know who uses your device.

We have got a new version of our app! With less permissions than ever before! In fact, we don't have any specific permission for our app anymore. We now have removed the unused "search accounts" permission.

We want your predictions, not your private data! (...but 5 stars in the store)

24/08/16: Double players

Formerly, one could register several players with one and only login. This is not possible anymore, because of technical reasons. Hence, some players will be deleted when you restart the prediction community, if they did not register with a unique e-Mail address. Nevertheless, nearly everybody has got an own e-Mail address or can create one for free. The administrator can also create new members in the "Administration of members" and "Submit predictions retroactively". Please send us a service request if you have any question.

22/08/16: Mobile app

Download our mobile application on the Android, iOS or Windows store. You'll be able to set notifications for prediction reminders and predict wherever you are. https://www.kicktipp.fr/info/ueberuns/app