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Technical and organisational measures by art. 32 GDPR

Technical and organisational measures by art. 32 GDPR

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  • Technical Infrastructure

    Our technical infrastructure consists of so-called root servers provided by Hetzner. We take security very seriously.

    • Our technical staff access our servers only over encrypted connections (SSL), which enforces a two-step verification with a smart card and a password.

    • Kicktipp blocks with a firewall all access to non authorized ports. Only ports which are needed for granted communication are open.

    • The employees of our data centre do not have password access to our servers.

    • All servers are physical computing units (so called dedicated servers) in a secured data centre at our hosting provider Hetzner.

  • All servers are running in Germany. All data is processed and stored solely in Germany. Therefore german regulation rules about data protection applies.

  • Our website is developed and runs with 100% free software with Linux at its base. Linux is famous for its extraordinary safety. Security patches are installed by us within hours on all productive systems.