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  • What are Cookies?

    A Cookie is a small text file send by our server to your browser and stored on your local disk. On subsequent request the content of this file is sent back to our server. With this mechanism it is possible to identify an already authorized user.

  • Kicktipp is using cookies only for the following reasons:

    • Session: The session cookie contains a new generated unique key per session to identify your browser on subsequent requests. We use "jsessionid" as the name for this cookie.

    • Language selection: This cookie is used to save your selected language, so you see our site in the language of your choice on each subsequent request.

    • Permanent Login: If you login at kicktipp a secure key is stored in this cookie to keep you permanent logged in as long as you use the same browser.

  • The cookies are stored only inside your browser (on your disk). The information will only be sent to us when you are requesting a page from our server. The content of these cookies are only saved in memory (RAM) during the request and will be deleted immediately after the request was finished or after a defined session time out of 30 minutes.

  • The session cookie will be deleted by your browser as soon as you quit the browser

    All other cookies will be saved almost permanently in your browser. You can delete these cookies at any time using your browsers menu.