Copa América 2019Terms of use

Copa América 2019

Eligibility: The betting game is open to all customers of the Diesel Technic Group, as well as to all endcustomers of the Diesel Technic Group. Excluded are employees of the Diesel Technic Group and their relatives.

Exclusion of participation: We reserve the right to disqualify and exclude those participants from the draw, who manipulate the participation process, the system and/or the draw or try to violate the conditions of participation and/or otherwise unfairly try to influence the draw. Furthermore, participants are excluded of the prize draw, who are not customers of the Diesel Technic Group.

Winner: The winner will be determined after completion of the competition and notified via email. If a winner does not respond within a period of four weeks after receiving the notification of winning, the price will be given to the highest ranked player who did not won a price. The player-names of the winners will be published on the Diesel Technic Homepage. The price is not transferable. A cash payment of profits is excluded.